Realty Circulation Portal

All provincial properties that become surplus are first circulated to provincial government ministries to confirm that there are no other government policy or program needs for the realty. If there is no provincial need, properties are then circulated (with certain exceptions defined by the province’s Realty Directive) to municipalities, the federal government, and other entities identified by Treasury Board/Management Board, to determine interest.

These properties are posted to the Realty Circulation Portal website. Other public sector entities, such as school boards, municipalities, and the federal government, may also use the service to circulate their surplus properties within the provincial government.

As of April 1, 2013, eligible not-for-profit organizations that provide a public benefit may also have access to the Realty Circulation Portal. To gain access to the Realty Circulation Portal website, non-for-profit organizations must apply to the Ontario Nonprofit Network which is responsible for compiling a registry of not-for-profit organizations that meet established eligibility criteria.

Provincial needs take priority. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Infrastructure Ontario will determine, at their sole discretion, the process to be followed in the event that two or more entities express interest in the same property. If no provincial, municipal, federal or not-for-profit bodies express an interest, the property may be considered for disposition on the open market, where members of the public and private businesses can purchase the properties through an open, fair, and transparent process.

  • If you require access to the Realty Circulation Portal website on behalf of a government entity, please request your user ID here.
  • If you are a not-for-profit organization please refer to the Ontario Nonprofit Network website.