Realty Circulation Portal

The Realty Circulation Portal is a service used by some provincial government ministries and agencies to post information about certain Ontario properties as part of the disposition process.

Other broader public sector entities, such as school boards, municipalities, and the federal government, may also use the service to post their surplus properties.

Circulation of Ontario Realty
According to Ontario’s Realty Directive, when a ministry or provincial agency that controls property no longer requires it to directly deliver their mandate, information about the property must be circulated to provincial government ministries to confirm that there are no other provincial government needs for the property.

If no provincial need is identified for the property, then it is considered surplus to government. Information about surplus property is circulated to certain entities outside the provincial government to determine if they have an interest in acquiring the property at fair value, prior to the property being offered for sale on the open market.

The entities that receive information about surplus Ontario property are: the federal government, municipalities, school boards, public colleges and universities, eligible Indigenous communities, eligible not-for-profit corporations, and any other entities identified by the provincial government.

In the event that two or more entities express interest in the same property, the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services and Infrastructure Ontario will determine the process to be followed and will work with the interested parties.

Eligible Indigenous communities
The Ministry of Indigenous Affairs (Indigenous Affairs Ontario) is responsible for providing the list of eligible Indigenous communities. If you are a representative of an eligible Indigenous community who is seeking more information on the circulation process for Ontario’s surplus property, please refer to this Information Sheet.

Eligible not-for-profit corporations
Eligible not-for-profit corporations that provide a public benefit may also have access to the Realty Circulation Portal. To gain access to the Realty Circulation Portal website, non-for-profit corporations must apply to the Ontario Nonprofit Network which is responsible for compiling a registry of not-for-profit organizations that meet established eligibility criteria.

How to access more information

If you require access to the Realty Circulation Portal website on behalf of a government entity, please request your user ID here.

If you are a not-for-profit organization seeking to access the Realty Circulation Portal, please refer to the Ontario Nonprofit Network website.

If you are an Indigenous community seeking to access the Realty Circulation Portal, please refer to this Information Sheet.

For technical support, please refer to the Help button located at the top of the page or email